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Month: December, 2013

Overheard in The Office

by facepalmforever

Mr. Schuknecht (to Ms. Davis & Mr. Schu):  So, there’s this new feature on digital phones called “selfies” where it can take a picture with you in it.

Ms. Davis & Mr. Schu fail at containing their laughter
Mr. Schu: You mean… the camera?

Name the show!

by facepalmforever


As many of you know, Mr. Donaldson and I are working up ideas for a podcast. One thing we haven’t settled on yet is a name. We’d like it to be both clever and classical if possible. That’s where you come in. In the comments below, or in personal e-mails to me (this wasn’t Donaldson’s idea), please send name ideas for the podcast. We reserve the right to, in the end, go with something entirely different than the suggestions. However, if your name is chosen, maybe you’d like to be a guest on the first show