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Month: February, 2014


by facepalmforever


One afternoon in SR Fine Arts Survey class…


Ms. Davis: …accordingly, we move into the Romantic period of music. [plays Suite Bergamesque by Claude Debussy]

10th grade Female Student: Oooh!  I know this one!  This is the lullaby Edward wrote for Bella.

Ms. Davis: No, this is Claude Debussy.

Student: No, Edward wrote this song for Bella in Twilight.  

Ms. Davis: [sigh] I can assure you Claude Debussy was not a vampire.


Editor’s note: I think they’re both right, actually. It seems Claude’s song was usurped by a thousand year old vampire. How was poor Bella to know?


On stew… and Cannibalism

by facepalmforever

Presented in its original form, free of context or commentary, an exact quote from an 8th grader’s research paper (rough draft):

“Although it lacked flavor, hobo stew was proof that hobos could live off of nothing but each other and they didn’t need anything else to nourish them.”