Winnie’s Honey Addiction

by facepalmforever

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In the stories about Winnie the Pooh, Winnie compulsively seeks honey, but his honey seeking behavior may be driven by addiction rather than a harmless sweet tooth. Throughout all of the stories that have Winnie in it, there always seems to be a shortage of honey, likely due to Winnie’s over consumption. Usually, after he finds out that his honey is no more, he goes looking to replenish his stockpile of sweet bee spit, which is classical compulsive behavior. Whenever Winnie is in his house, he is either happy because the whole place is overflowing with honey, or sad because there is none left, demonstrating the dependence of his emotions on the presence of a substance. This proves that he has to have honey to function, or else he turns into a honey-hungry bear.


-By Briggs and the English Class