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Month: September, 2017

Classical Stuff You Should Know, Episode 3: Intro to the Classics

by facepalmforever

Hey guys! We’ll be releasing new episodes every Tuesday. Here’s this week’s installment. Click on the picture for the episode! If you have an idea for an episode, or a question we can answer, or maybe just a thought that you want to shout into the oblivion that is the internet, you can send it here: .





Classical Stuff You Should Know, Episode 2: Intro to Homer

by facepalmforever


In order to get you guys hooked (if that’s ever a possibility), we’re posting a few episodes rapid-fire style. In the future, we’ll be posting once a week. We have an email address now, too! If you have questions or suggestions for episodes, you can send them to .

To listen to the show, just click on the picture!



Your friendly neighborhood Hanenburg

Classical Stuff You Should Know, Episode 1: The Tripartite Soul

by facepalmforever



we’re proud to announce the first installment of our new podcast: Classical Stuff You Should Know, hosted by Graeme Donaldson and myself. This is episode one. Go ahead and give it a listen! We’ll try and have a new episode for you every week. Click on the picture to check it out!





Raskolnikov Meme

by facepalmforever


I received this with a quiz.