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Month: October, 2017

Classical Stuff You Should Know, Episode 8: Metaphors

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Click the image above for the episode!


I stinkin’ love my school

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Today, as I sat down to grade the essays the seniors turned in last week, I noticed a post-it that suggested I grade them in alphabetical order. Though I’ve never been one for convention, I’m ever curious, so I organized them. The titles of all fourteen essays made the following sentence.


Before | I  Do Anything | I Ask Myself | Would An Idiot | Do That? | If | Is Yes | I Do | Not | Do That | Thing | – | Dwight Schrute


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Hey guys, remember that podcast we started ages ago? That one with Mr. White (RIP), Graeme, and I, all sitting around discuss Macbeth while Josh Geisinger hollered into the microphone? Well, I found all the episodes, and I’ve got somewhere to host (for now, till we can figure a way onto itunes). I’ll be releasing one each Thursday until I’ve released them all. Here’s chapter one, just for a refresher. Click the picture above for the episode.

Classical Stuff You Should Know, Episode 7: Iliad, Book XXII

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Sorry the episode is late! I’ll be posting new episodes every Tuesday (I’m going to set it up so I don’t even have to remember). Enjoy!



Classical Stuff You Should Know, episode 6: Ratio and Intellectus

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Hey, everybody! Here’s episode five of Classical Stuff. We hope you’ve enjoyed listening to these as much as we’ve enjoyed making them. Even if we’ve only got four listeners, we’re going to keep on making these. So, to those four listeners: we’ve gotchu.

Classical Stuff You Should Know, Episode 5: The Common Topics

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Hey Guys! Here’s Episode 5. Sorry it’s up so late in the evening! Remember, if you have any comments, send ’em to .

Classical Stuff You Should Know, Episode 4: The Christian Knight

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Hey folks! Sorry it’s a day late! Busy day yesterday. Here’s episode four. Click on the picture above to go to the podcast!

If you have questions about classical things, suggestions for topics, or just need to vent for a little while, you can send all that stuff to .


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