Classical Stuff You Should Know, Episode 9: The Spheres, PLUS NEW WEBSITE, NOW ON ITUNES

by facepalmforever

Hey folks, here’s the latest episode. Big news, though, after the next few episodes, CSYSK is releasing its choke-hold on the facepalm. We’ve got our own site! You can find it at . We’re also on itunes now. You should be able to find us on the search engine. This is the only episode being released on the facepalm, but if you head over to our new site, you’ll find a DOUBLE EPISODE release this week. Men With Chests will still be found (for now) exclusively on the facepalm, but all episodes after episode 12 (if I recall) will be released only at Enjoy this week’s episode. Please feel free to contact us at with comments or questions.

After this week, the facepalm will be ONE WEEK BEHIND on episodes, but our other website will be current.


Graeme, A.J., and Bees